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Alternative Approaches for Your Animal's Well-being
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Are you interested in changing your life and the lives of your animals? 

Have you been interested inWHolistic care but do not know what it is or how to get started?

 Welcome to the HOLISTIC ANIMAL!
Throughout this website you will find information on consultation services, multiple articles and resources, links to articles, and classes or workshops concerned with alternative approaches for your companion's care.
Please take your time reading and absorbing all the information. The dearth of information available either on this website or in the literature and on the internet can be both over-whelming and mind-numbing.
It is important to remember to take it slow as you start your journey down this holistic path. Take baby-steps. Your animal's health did not deteriorate over-night and so your knowledge base can not expand over-night. Remember, there is never a magic bullet, never a quick fix. Holism is a multi-prong approach.
Holistic philosophy is so vastly different from conventional thought. Give yourself time to assimilate the information.

I suggest you start with HYGIENE and become familiar with what is meant by HEALTHY GUT FUNCTION. Once you have started changing yours and your animals' world move on into NUTRITION. Just by changing hygiene and your animals' diet you and your animal should start to feel a bit better. This process can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months - it depends on the individual and the depth of disease.


Once hygiene and diet are the norm, but your animal friend's health continues to be poor - then it is time to consult a practitioner.

     The Holistic Animal LLC. Char Raby. Jackson, MI.; 517.529.9073 

     Specializes in general holistic animal care and education, homeopathy, flower essences,

     animal communication, and behavior modification.

 Other holistic practitioners:


1.   The Visiting Vet; Anne Rice D.V.M. Williamston, MI. 517.655.3479 

     Specializing in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.




 The Holistic Animal LLC
517.529.9073  - Michigan (April - Oct)
517.917.3045  - Cell
480.816.4430  - Arizona (Nov - March)




The information contained on this website is provided for educational purposes. Information provided is NOT veterinary advice (unless indicated as so) and should not be substituted for a regular consultation with a veterinary professional. The Holistic Animal does not diagnose veterinary diseases. In any emergency or life-threatening situation, you are urged  to contact trained, emergency healthcare professionals for your animals.