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Alternative Approaches for Your Animal's Well-being
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Classes & Workshops
     1.       Natural, Wholistic Care for Your Companion Animal
            Workshops, Classes, Webinars offered upon demand / request)
               Jackson Co., MI and Phoenix, AZ  residents: Live classes offered upon request.
                  See below for more information and course curriculum

  2. Introduction to Animal Communication.
            Workshop offered upon demand (minimum 10 registrants)                                    
           Workshop location: Jackson, MI area.
                                               Phoenix, AZ area.
               See below (course information) for more details.
  Contact me with interest in attending workshop:



Natural, Holistic Care for Your Companion Animal celebrates the art of natural animal health, the truth of animal nature and the love of the human-animal bond. These classes / workshops / seminars contain a wide variety of animal industry expert’s advice, and current scientific research to help share the passion of an alternative approach to the care of our animals. Learn to care for your companion animals naturally with insights and wisdom from the world's leading animal experts in their field.



        **Begin to learn the best ways for your animals to become healthy –  and to stay healthy.

**Increase your awareness of how diet, exercise, and stress play a significant role in your animal’s health.

**Become informed. Recognize unnecessary drugs, and 


**Learn how to enhance your relationship with your best          friend.


Course Curriculum

subject to change

1     Introduction to alternative approaches for your animals’ health & well-being.

            - What is holistic?

- Disease: a different perspective.

- The Difference between Chronic and Acute  disease.

- The Vital Force

- What is Hygiene Management?


2        Dysbiosis - The Importance of Normal Gut Function and Nutrition – The Foundation of great health.

           -Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores. Adaptations and the main food source of the species.

          - Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water

          - So what is really in your pet’s food?

          - Whole Food Nutrition

          -Quality is paramount, Diversity is Key    

          - Exercise


3        Nature’s Cornucopia: The many alternative therapies available to benefit your animal.

          - More on Hygiene

          - Energy Medicine

          - Healing Touch

          - Acupuncture

          - Chiropractic

          - Massage

          - Homeopathy


4        Getting to the Heart of the Matter.

- Heartworm, Flea’s, Tapeworms…OH MY! .............NOT! 

 Parasites are not an issue in a healthy animal.


5        Vaccinations. A Shot in the Dark?

- Introduction & History          

- The Immune Response        

- Types of Vaccines                

- Vaccines & Immune  Suppression

- Vaccine Ingredients

- Adverse Reactions

- Polyvalent Vaccines

- Stress, Environment & Immune Function

- Vaccinosis


          Auto-immune dis.


- Titers

- Infectious Disease

- Canine Rabies Virus

- Are Vaccines Harmless?

- Holistic Options & Perspectives.

- “Holistic”-minded Vaccination Protocols

- Nosodes: An alternative to Vaccination?

- Don’t want to give vaccines at all? But what if my animals get sick?

- How do you know the vaccine worked?

- Vaccination strategies for maximizing effectiveness of Immune Sys.    and minimizing adverse side-effects.

          Jean Dodd. DVM

          Glen Dupree. DVM


6        Communication: The key to a healthy relationship. 


7  7         Dances with Companion Animals. Closing the gap and celebrating the Human – Animal Bond.

-  The Dance                     

- Culture Shock

- Leadership & Responsibility

- Mark of a successful, healthy relationship

- “See us; look in our eyes, there is somebody in here.”

- How do animals communicate?

- The Gap                                                                      

- Grace

- Who are these magnificent beings anyway?

- Walking together, finding the way.

- The souls and spiritual lives of animals.


Webinars, Classes, and Workshops are 2+ hours long, and can be tailored to specific needs.



                                            INTRODUCTION TO



Sure, you can talk to your dog, cat, horse, bird ……..everyone knows that, but can YOU actually “HEAR” what your animal companion is trying to say to you?  I’m not talking about marking behavior, different tones of voice, or behavioral changes – you all are fully aware of body language – I’m speaking of the deep – heart to heart, mind to mind communication between two sentient beings. Our animals want and try to talk to us all the time…..we just don’t listen.

This workshop will help you to uncover your abilities and plug yourselves in to your connection with all of life.


This Basic Workshop uses an adaptation of the HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH ANIMALS – THE BASIC COURSE – (developed by Penelope Smith) recording and other works and experiences from other notable Animal Communicators.


The intent of this interactive class is to foster a better relationship between you and your animal friend through better communication.


To derive the maximum benefit from this workshop it is RECOMMENDED that you read Animal Talk  by Penelope Smith before you begin your journey into Animal Communication.


To attend a Basic Course with Penelope, visit to find a schedule and description of Penelope Smith’s complete training program.